The Colorado Gov’s Race: There’s Extreme, and Then There’s Extreme

Via The Colorado Independent – Littwin:

Bob Beauprez is officially in the race, and if you go to his site, you can watch a video of Beauprez telling you why he wants to be governor (although he doesn’t mention that he also considered running for senator).

And he says of his would-be opponent, John Hickenlooper, that he’s “the most extreme governor in our state’s history…”

Ace reporter Lynn Bartels notes that Gov. Clarence Morley, elected in 1924, was handpicked by the Ku Klux Klan, would later be convicted of fraud and sent to federal prison and, among other niceties, tried to fire all Catholic and Jewish professors at CU.

Hickenlooper, on the other hand, signed a bill into law that would limit the capacity of ammo magazines to 15 rounds. So, of course, you can see where Beauprez might have a point.  

{OK, I can’t help laughing out loud at the absurdity of all this! c~ }

Speaking of extremes and guns, gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo won’t be outdone by simply calling Hickenlooper the most extreme  governor in the state’s history. (And Beauprez is supposed to be the serious one?) Tancredo has his buddy Ted Nugent send out a Tancredo fundraising letter offering to give away a semi-automatic AR-15 if you send old Tom some American money.


Tancredo - ted nugent offers AR-15

Donate to Tancredo and you could WIN! Ooops, sorry, the give-a-way ended in February! c~

There is so much in Littwin’s article that will have your eyes popping out – go read the entire article at The Colorado Independent – Littwin



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